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Descriptions : The device offered is intended to detect traces of explosive vapour (EGDN, nitro-glycerine, TNT, hexogen, octogen, TEN and their compositions) when ex... Products:

Products List of Beijing TongMeiDa Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd
online China portable Explosive Vapour Detector stoes

Descriptions : explosion prevention blanket/ fence Number:fbt-01 Brand:ATFY Unit:piece Price: Feedback Material4.5mm steel plate+Dyneema HB25 composite . The bl... Products:

Products List of About--Beijing Antaifuyuan Trading Co.,Ltd
online China explosion prevention blanket/ fence stoes

Descriptions : Portable Explosive Detector adopts pseudo random sequence ion door-opening technology&Hardmard algorithm which tops the industry Portable Explosive D... Products:

Products List of China Xinxing Xiamen Import & Export Corporation
online China Portable Explosive Detector stoes

Descriptions : DPL-EVD3000+ HAND-HELD EXPLOSIVES TRACE VAPOUR / PARTICULATE DETECTOR $22,500.00 (Buy or Rent)Open 24/7/365Introducing the DPL-EVD3000+ Hand-held Exp... Products:

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United States Miscellaneous Pacific Islands United States Miscellaneous Pacific Islands
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online United States Miscellaneous Pacific Islands Dpl-Evd3000 + Hand-Held Explosives Trace Particulate / Vapour Detector stoes

Descriptions : Explosives vapour detection is ensured by assay collection from the inspected object surface or its inner space and subsequent analysis of these samp... Products:

Products List of
Russian Federation Russian Federation
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online Russian Federation SNIFFR explosive vapour detector stoes

Descriptions : 1.1 TechnologyLSD07-I explosives detector is based on cross-linked molecular imprinted fluorescentconjugated polymers which become less fluorescent w... Products:

Products List of Leadership Global Technology Co., Ltd
online China explosives Detector stoes

Descriptions : The LRRED Explosive Detectors are calibrated to detect the SRC code of specific substances. The difference between this detector and others is that th... Products:

Products List of Andronics Super Blue
online China Hong Kong LRRED AGU-500 Explosive Detector stoes

Descriptions : SCINTREX E3500 PORTABLE EXPLOSIVES DETECTOR METERFast and Proven:* Capable of detecting plastic and high vapor pressure explosives* Luminol Chemilumi... Products:

Products List of GL Inc.
GL Inc.
Singapore Singapore
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Descriptions : Offering Explosive Candy with Blue Berry, Black Current, Apple & Cherry Flavor...... A TNT BrandExplosive Cnady available in different flavors and in... Products:

Products List of Pearl Confectinery Pvt Ltd
online Pakistan Explosive Candy stoes

Descriptions : Origin:United StatesWeight:5.4kgWidespread applicationsEasy to carry Origin: USProductsThis product use than existing explosives detection technology... Products:

Products List of Beijing Yue Jun Wei Technology Development Co., Ltd.
online China Portable explosive detector stoes

Descriptions : Alpha 6 Molecular Detector ,Technical SpecificationSize and WeightHand Unit 100 grams160 x 45 x 18 mmAntenna 430 mmDetection FunctionWorking Principle... Products:

Products List of C2t Trading Co., Ltd
online Thailand Alpha 6 Explosive Detector stoes

Descriptions : Bomb blanket and enclosure Material: blanket - Aramid fiber enclosure - special steel plate Dimension: blanket - 120cm x 120cm enclosure - 40cm (Dia.)... Products:

Products List of Tianjin Armorus Co., LTD
online China blanket and enclosure / explosion-proof / explosive-proof blanket stoes

Descriptions : We provide various TNT explosive. Contact us for more. Products:

Products List of Hunan Welland Furniture Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.
online China 2# Rock AN-TNT-Oil Explosive stoes

Descriptions : Expray is a unique, aerosol-based field test kit for the detection and identification of group a explosives(e. G. Tnt, tnb, etc. ), group b explosives... Products:

Products List of ADS Prime Vendor
ADS Prime Vendor
United States Miscellaneous Pacific Islands United States Miscellaneous Pacific Islands
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online United States Miscellaneous Pacific Islands Expray Explosive Detection Kit stoes

Descriptions : Alpha 6 Narcotics & Explosives DetectorEarly warning indicator and direction finder for Explosive and Contraband detection. The system does not requir... Products:

Products List of New Ching Yeh International Inc
online China Narcotics & Explosives Detector stoes