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Product List of Design Tech, Co.
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1. Features1) Enables users create a great variety of transfer designs on the garment such as rubber transfer, cavier transfer, motif design transfer, etc. with high air pressure and with easy operation.2) Adopted and automatic air heat press function's that has low
Heat Transfer Press Machine manufacturer
* features1. Automated the nailhead attaching process by adopting automatic feeding system of nailhead with chute(=slope rail)2. Adopted digital control system3. Designed with easy operating system for beginners.4. Can fix nailheads in the diameter range of 2mm ~8mm(2mm
Automatic Nailhead Setting Machine manufacturer
1. Features (DZ-3010)1) Suitable for small size garment as it has short body of 160mm length i. E. T-shirt, Underwear, jeans, Caps, Cut fabrics, etc.2) Adopted DIGITAL CONTROL SYSTEM3) Operation board size: 300 x 400mm.2. Features (DZ-3020)1) Suitable for big size
Ultrasonic Hot-Fix Setting Machine manufacturer
DZ-2301. Features1) Portable type2) Assure users relatively little electric consumption3) Serves users with great convenience with its vacuum device on the end of its ultrasonic handle4) Fixable rhinestone size: 2mm ~ 7mm5) Standard handle is suitable for stone size
Vacuum Manual Hotfix Machine manufacturer
DZ-3300 (Heater sequin fixing machine)1. Features1) Suitable for thin fabric with its heater device.2) Adopted a basic mould set device with 1groove.3) Adopted simple structure to provide users with easy operation.4) Available mould designs are same as DZ-3300N.2.
Heater Sequin Fixing Machine (DZ-3300) manufacturer
-dz-3040:2 baskets/ultrasonic & heater type with automatic sliding system.-dz-3040n:2baskets/ultrasonic type with automatic sliding system.1. Features1)users can fix 2 different sizes or colors of rhinestones without any separate changing of round board or vacuum holder
Ultrasonic & Heater Hot-fix Setting Machine manufacturer
DZ-2201. Features1) Portable type2) Little electric consumption3) Simple & easy operation system4) Fixable rhinestone size: 2mm~6mm5) Standard handle is suitable for stone size from 3~4mm* Handle quantity provided: 1pce / 1set* Additional handles for SS6 (2mm) or SS20
Manual Hot-Fix Machine manufacturer
1. Features1) Can perform multi function with easy mould changing.* Available FunctionsA. Punching; This is a function that makes a hole for eyelet fixing.B. Eyelet fixingC. Cap buckle fixingD. Tiffany fixingE. Fixing of nailheads in special shape like triangle,
Multifunctional Manual Machine manufacturer
DZ-3030- Single basket / Ultrasonic & heater type with automatic sliding system1. Features1) Enables users to fix any kind of rhinestones, metal studs & rhinestuds onto any sort of fabric regardless of its thickness and of raw material of the fabric as this model is
Ultrasonic & Heater Hot-Fix Setting Machine manufacturer
DZ-3300N (Ultrasonic & heater sequin fixing machine)1. Features1) Enables users to make various designs with 2 moulds with its easy mould changing system by pressing a button.2) Users can do the 'AUTO PLAY' by taking turns 2 different patterns automatically with its
Ultrasonic & Heater Sequin Fixing Machine (DZ-3300n) manufacturer
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