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Bilberry P.E./Bilberry P.E 25%

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Bilberry P.E./Bilberry P.E 25%



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Simple introduction:
Product name: Bilberry P.E./ Bilberry fruit extract
Original Plant:Fruit of Vauniium macrocarpon L
Active ingredient: 25%-40% Anthocyanidin
Specification:25%-40% Anthocyanidin
Test Method:UV
CAS No.:84082-34-8
Pharmacology Action:1.Bilberry P.E./ Bilberry fruit extract Protect and regenerate retinal purple,and cure patients with eye diseases such as pigmentosa,retinitis,glaucoma,and myopia,etc.
2.Bilberry P.E./ Bilberry fruit extract Prevent the cardiovascular diseases
3.Bilberry P.E./ Bilberry fruit extract Quench free radical,antioxidant,and anti-aging.
4.Bilberry P.E./ Bilberry fruit extract,A treatment for mild inflammation of the mucous membranes of mouth and throat
5.Bilberry P.E./ Bilberry fruit extract,A treatment for diarrhea,enteritis,urethritis,cystitis and virosis rheum epidemic,with its antiphlogistic and bactericidal action.

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