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Red Clover P.E.8%/Red Clover P.E.20%/Red Clover P.E.40%

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Red Clover P.E.8%/Red Clover P.E.20%/Red Clover P.E.40%



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Hunan Huir Biological-tech Co.,Ltd is a proffessional manufacture produce Red Clover P.E.2.5%/Red Clover P.E.8%/Red Clover P.E.20%/Red Clover P.E.40% in china for more than 6 years.Details Descripiton:
Product Name:Red Clover P.E.
Specification:2.5%~40% Isoflavone
Active Ingredient:Abiochanin A、Formononetin、Daidzein、Genistein、Sission、Ononin、Daidzin
Appearance: black-brown or black-green powder
Test Method:HPLC
Molecular Formula:Abiochanin A C16H12O5、Formononetin C16H12O4、Daidzein C15H10O4、Genistein C16H10O5、Sission C16H11O4
CAS No.:977150-97-2
Red colver P. E. Helps with prevention and cure of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopausal syndrome, prostate cancer, breast cancer, lymphatic cancer and Red clover also has a history of use as a cough remedy for children, besides these functions, it also Indicates for treating endometrial cancer and endometrial heterotopias in women.
1. Possible estrogenic activity.
2. Treating breast cancer, prostate cancer, lymphatic cancer, etc.
3. Mildly antispasmodic.
4. Keep the blood from becoming thick and gummy.
5. Anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial.Product introduction:
Red clover P.E.(Trifolium pratense) is a perennial herb, meaning it has a life cycle that lasts for more than two years. Red clover grows wild in Europe and Asia, and has been introduced into North America. The red flowering tops of the red clover plant are usually dried for therapeutic use.

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