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1U Modular PDH optical multiplexer

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1U Modular PDH optical multiplexer



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1. Introduction about our Modular PDH multiplexer
Developed by our R&D team, this is a modular PDH multiplexer with optic link interface featuring complete maintenance functions,which combines 2M (4~16 E1 channels) and 10/100Base_T(2 channels) data transmission into one optic link.

It features high-density integration, small size, low power consumption, reliability, easy installation and use.
 2. Main Characteristics
a) Based on the state-art-of VLSI technology, high density integration,single PCB design, stable and reliable
performance, low power consumption;
b) The transmission distance is more than 25 kilometers without relay;Provide 10/100Base_T interface with bit rate of 100M.
c) When the device loses optical connection or runs out of sync,AIS alarms will be sent to all channels.
The alarms can be sent to the local or remote side at options,the alarming sound can be shielded,so
does the alarms of losing E1 channels.Instead,error indications will be provided.When the device loses
optical connection or runs out of sync,no other output comes from 2MB/S asynchronous data sampling
channels except output of AIS.
d) E1 interface complies with ITU-T G.703 recommendation, and all-digital timing and smooth PLL technology is
e) LED indicates the alarms of local and remote side.
f) Optional power supply: 220V AC, -48V DC
 3. Working Conditions
Ambient Temperature:           0 ℃ ~ + 85℃
Relative Humidity:             ≤95%(+ 35 ℃)
Atmospheric Pressure:          86 ~ 106 Kpa
 4. Power Supply
Rated Working Voltage (optional for built-in type) : AC 220V  or  DC -48V
Valid Dynamic Input Voltage Range: AC 220V  ±10%  or  -25%~+50%
Power Consumption:            <15W
 5. Optical Interface
Optical Output Power:         ≥-15dBm
Receive Sensitivity:          ≤-35dBm
Optic Wavelength:           1310nm
Optic Connector:            FC
Line Type:                    NRZ + Scrambling code
Bit Rate:                     150Mbit/s
 6.   2Mbit/s Interface
Signal Rate:                  2048Kbit/s
Tolerance :                   ±50ppm
In/Out Interface Code :       HDB3
In/out Interface Impedance:   75 Ohm(unbalanced)or 120 Ohm(balanced)
Electrical Specification of Data Interface: Conforms to the ITU—T G.703 recommendation
Jitter Transfer Characteristic: Conforms to the ITU—T G.823 recommendation
Input Jitter Mask: Conforms to the ITU—T G.823 recommendation
2Mbit/s Adapter:   CC4 coaxial connector   or   DB37 connector
  7. Scope of Applications
This integrated multi-service transmission device is suitable for signal transmission between switches, mobile switching centers, public and special network accesses.

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