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1U Modular Subscriber Channels Failover Switch

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1U Modular Subscriber Channels Failover Switch



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1. SummaryOur ZMUX-1230T is a subscriber channel switching device, which can switch subscriber channels for users with dual redudant back up systems for their PBXs. This device can switch from main to stand-by lines when receiving commands by manual input.
 2. Function Features
1) Mandatory switching from main to stand-by channels by device switchgear or by software to protect 30 subscriber channels;
2) One of the communication types(by Ethernet, RS232 or RS485) can be chosen for software-controlled switching;
3) When software-controlled switching is chosen,  the number and quantity of switched lines can be set by pc;
4) Supporting cascading of 256 ports of RS485;
5) One device supports 30 subscriber channels, and total amount of cascaded devices is up to 256, so the total capacity is 7680 subscriber lines.
6) The subscriber channels will be connected to main channels when power failures occurs.
7) Supported telephone circuit tests can be made on one of the 30 channels that can be switched when software-controlled switching is chosen.
 3. Working conditions
Working temperature:   0℃~40℃
Relative Humidity:   ≤90%(25℃)
 4.  Power supply
Input voltage:   -48V DC
Acceptable dynamic Voltage: -36V~-72V
Input Current:   <1A
  5. Scope of Applications
This device is suitable for PBX subsribers with redundant back up systems or users who need switching protection for interfaces of data.

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