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1U Modular Digital Channels Failover(protection) Switch

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1U Modular Digital Channels Failover(protection) Switch



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1. Summary
Our ZMUX-1215 is a digital channel protection switching device. It can switch transmissions from main to stand-by channels after receiving manual switching commands when power failure occurs on the main channels.
 2. Function Features
1)Mandatory switching from main to stand-by channels by device switchgear or by software to  protect 15 digital channels;
2)One of the communication types (by Ethernet, RS232 or RS485) can be chosen for software-controlled switching;
3)When software-controlled switching is chosen,the number and quantity of switched channels can be set by pc;
4)Supporting cascading of 256 ports of RS485;
5)One device supports 15 E1 channels, and total amount of cascaded devices is up to 256, so the total capacity is 3840 E1 channels.
 3. Working conditions
Working temperature:  0℃~40℃
Relative Humidity:   ≤90%(25℃)
 4. Power supply
Input voltage:   -48V DC
Acceptable dynamic Voltage: -36V~-72V
Input Current:   <1A
 5. Scope of ApplicationThis device is suitable for protecting important data transmission channels for business tranmissions of graphic imaging co,banks,exchanges, it is also suitable for specific netwwork accesses with important E1 transmissions,such as national defense,government and organzation, customs house, public security department and power companies,etc.

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