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Modular E1 Redundancy Protection Device

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Modular E1  Redundancy Protection Device



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1. Summary
Our ZMUX-128 is a "1+1" E1 channel protection device, which can switch 8 transmission routings without damage on transmitted data when used in pairs. The comprehensive network management console installed for this device can supervise the signal quality of all channels and their switching status when operation. The transmission routing can be switched to stand-by E1 interface for emergency protection by remote control through network management console or switchgear on local device panel when the main E1 interfaces failure occurs in exchanges.

Our ZMUX-128 can switch 8 E1 channels between 8 main and 8 stand-by E1 channels without damage so as to protect four important E1 incoming streams from subscriber's device.
  2. Technical Parameters
a) Interface:  conforms to the ITU-T G.703, G704 and G823 recommendations
b) Bit Rate:    2048kbit/s±50ppm
c) Line Code Type:     HDB3
d) Line Impedance:     75Ω or 120Ω
e) CRC-4 Insertion Time Delay: <250us
f) System Time Delay: ≤600us(PCM framing)          ≤10ms(PCM unframing)
g) The switching delay of two channels: ≤32ms
h) Switching Delay:        0(when the switch level is 0)
i) Timescale Insertion:   insert the timescale with Sa bits
j) Input Voltage:          -48V DC or 220V AC
k) Power consumption:      < 10W
l) Working temperature:   0 °C~40°C
m) Relative Humidity:     ≤85%(25℃)
n) Switching indicators: alarms-LOS, AIS, LOF, MLOF, SLOF.
o) Error code-10-4,10-6,bit-----for PCM framing format ,pack loss rate-----for PCM unframing format.

3. System Characteristics
1) Integration of monitoring transmission quality and automatic switching without damge;
2) When LOS, LOF, AIS alarms occurs on local inputs, AIS will be seen on the remote output;
3) Three switching levels available in PCM framing mode: 10E-4/10E-6/single bit error code;
4) Three switching levels available in PCM unframing mode: packet loss rate of 2%/, 1%, 0.5%;
5) High precision digital PLL technology is adopted to ensure accurate synchronization between devices;
6) The device features small size, low power power consumption and high reliability based on VLSI solution.
7) The information of alarms and device's working status can be collected by connecting monitoring pc to the monitoring interface on the device.

4. Scope of Applications
This device is suitable for protecting important data transmission channels for business tranmissions of graphic imaging co, banks,exchanges, it is also suitable for specific netwwork accesses with important E1 transmissions, such as national defense,government and organzation, customs house,public security department and power companies,etc.

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