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1U Modular Digital Cross Connect (DXC) System

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1U Modular Digital Cross Connect (DXC) System



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1. SummaryDeveloped by our R&D team, ZMUX-35 Digital Cross Connect is a flexible modular device whose core technology and intellectual rights are possessed by Guangzhou Yinxun. 
 Supporting capacity can be configured flexibly for this device, such as 4*E1,8*E1,12*E1 and 16*E1,synchronization clock can be generated internally or extracted from incoming E1 stream.
 The device features high density ports,rugged design,easy operations,rich functions of supervision and maintenance,reliable transmission of data. Providing flexible exchange,this device can achieve 64k channel non-blocking cross connection in any E1, it also can process CAS. 
2. Functions And Features
1) The minimum rate of each cross connect channel is 64Kbit/s;
2) Provide max 16 E1 interfaces which conforms to the recommendation of ITU-T G.703;
3) The optional link impedance is 120Ω or 75Ω;
4) Provide local monitoring interface(RS232, RS485), our network management console V.30 can be installed onto the
device by the interfaces to make real-time monitoring;
5) Provide in-band channel, realizing remote operation and control;
6) Arbitrary broadcasting built-in time slot of cross-matrix;
7) Able to cross connect CAS;
8) Optional -48V DC or 220V AC for power supply
3. Specifications
a) Dimension: 19”  1U height, 482.6mm(W)×44.45mm(H)×270mm(D)
b) Bit rate of Interface : E1(2048Kbps)
c) Working Temperature: 0℃~40℃
d) Relative Humidity: 85%(+25℃), without condensation
e) Power Supply: -48V DC or 220V AC optional
f) Power: ﹤20W
g)Ventilation Conditions: natural ventilation
h)Size of Cross matrix: 512 bidirectional time slots
i)Time delay of:﹤600us
j)CAS signaling transmission delay:﹤7ms
k)Number of E1 interfaces : 16
l)Interface impedance: 75Ω/120Ω
m)Electrical property: conforms to ITU- G.730 specification
n)Framing structure: Conforms to ITU-G.704 and G.706 specification
o)Precision of internal clock: ±50ppm
 4. Cross Connect Function
The time slots can be cross connected randomly between any two interfaces of our ZMUX-35, including unidirectional point to point connection,bidirection point to point connection and one-way multipoint connection.
 5. Technical Parameters

InterfaceConforms to the recommendation of ITU-T G.703Bit Rate2048kbit/s±50ppmE1 line codeHDB3Interface Impedance75Ω/120ΩTime delay of signal transmission﹤600usE1 interfaces16Framing StructureConforms to the specifications of G.704 and G.706Size of Cross matrix512 bidirectional time slotsRelative Humidity≤85%(25℃)Power﹤20WWorking Temperature0 °C~40°CRelative Humidity≤85%(25℃)

6.  Scope of Applications
This device is suitable for public network operators such as telecom, mobile phone operators, power station,express highway and military organizations,etc.

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