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Mini Modular Phone Optic Mux (Desktop model)

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Mini Modular Phone Optic Mux (Desktop model)



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1. Summary
This compact desktop ZMUX-08S is a fundamental device with optic link for the digital communication system, which is suitable for best economical solution. The device is used to collect the signals such as voice,data and image into an optic link by various interface cards, realizing point-to-point transmission.
 2. Functional Features
a) It provides 8 channels of optional subscribers interfaces of various types to facilitate the access of various services;
b) Optic link interface is provided for reliable transmission;
c) The voice interface supports caller ID display;
d) CCB payphone application with polarity reversal;
e) It provides one 10Base_T interface with bit rate of 10Mbps;
f) Perfect indications of status are available to facilitate maintenance and management;
g )With small size, attractive appearance, and easy for installation and operation
3. Working Conditions
Working Temperature:  0℃ ~ 40℃
Relative Humidity:   ≤ 90% (25℃)

4. Power Supply
Input Voltage:  -48V
Acceptable dynamic Voltage:  -36V ~ -72V
Input Current:  < 1A
 5. Subscriber Interface Modules (Optional)
Ø 2 wire audio interface/2 wire E&M interface
Ø 4 wire audio interface/4 wire E&M interface
Ø RS232/V.24 asynchronous data interface
Ø RS232 synchronous data interface
Ø RS422 data interface
Ø RS485 data interface
Ø Hot-line phone
Ø Magnet telephone
Ø V.35 interface(n*64K bandwidth)
Ø V.21/V.22 interface
Ø 10/100Base_T Ethernet interface(10M bandwidth)
Ø G.703 64Kb/s synchronous data interface

NOTES: The corresponding modules for above subscriber interfaces can be optional for installation based on actual needs of users.Besides one interface of 10/100Base_T Ethernet interface with bit rate 0f 10MB/S, this device provides max 8 slots for your optional subscriber modules .
  6. Scope of Applications
This device is suitable for applications with optic link for telecommunications end point stations or point to point transmission in different lines that only need telephone services.

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