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1U PCM cross multiplexer of 9 optional E1 protection modes

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1U PCM cross multiplexer of 9 optional E1 protection modes



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1. Outline
Developed by our R&D team, ZMUX-36 PCM Cross Multiplexer is a flexible modular device whose core technology and intellectual rights are possessed by Guangzhou Yinxun.

The device features high density ports, rugged design, easy operations and much reliable transmission of data.

Equipped with max 4X64K Ethernet ports and max 32 subscriber’s interfaces for public applications, it can multiplex and crossly distribute channels of voices, data or images or combinations to max 4 E1 interfaces by installing varied subscriber’s interfaces. In doing so, some important transmissions of applications can continue working even if one E1 connection cuts off.
 2. Functional features
1)Provide max 4 optional basic group interfaces which conforms to the recommendation of ITU-T G.703;
2)With E1 switching and add/drop capability;
3)Optional E1 protection modes that can be provided by our ZMUX-36 can be set by our auxiliary NMS;
4)optional line impedance: 120Ω or 75Ω;
5)extended capacity such as digital signals and signaling processing;
6)Provide max 4 optional N*64K Ethernet and 32 optional subscriber interfaces suitable for varied inputs of different services;
7)The voice interface supports caller ID display;
8)CCB payphone application with polarity reversal;

3. Specifications
1) Outer dimension: 19” 1U height, size:482.6mm(W)×44.45mm(H)×270mm(D)
2) Speed of link interface: E1(2048Kbps)
3) temperature of working enviroment: 0℃~40℃
4) relative humidity of working enviroment: less than 85%(+25℃), non-condensing
5) Power: DC -48V
6) Ventilation conditions: natural ventilation
7) signal transmission delay: ﹤600us
8) transmission delay of CAS signalling: ﹤7ms
9) basic group interfaces: 2
10) interface impedance: optional 75Ω/120Ω
11) physical and electrical performance: conforms to ITU-G.703
12) frame structure: conforms to ITU-G.732
13) Internal clock accuracy: ±30ppm

4. Subscriber Interfaces (optional)
Ø 2 wire audio interface/2 wire E&M interface  
Ø 4 wire audio interface/4 wire E&M interface  
Ø RS232/V.24 asynchronous data interface  
Ø RS232 synchronous data interface  
Ø RS422 data interface  
Ø RS485 data interface 
Ø V.21/v.22 interface  
Ø Hot-line phone interface 
Ø Magnet telephone interface  
Ø V.35 interface(n*64K bandwidth)  
Ø 10/100Base_T Ethernet interface(10M bandwidth)  
Ø G.703 64Kb/s synchronous data interface  

NOTES: The corresponding moduels for above subscriber interfaces can be optional for installation based on actual needs of users.Besides one channel of Ethernet with 10M bandwidth,this device provides max 30 slots for your optional subscriber modules.
5. Scope of Applications
With auxiliary network management console and SUP port, this device is suitable for complex network extenstion of remote site or network with lesser services at remote site, such as SDH network,PDH optical terminals, microwave telecommunications, wireless spread spectrum, transmission equipments with copper wire,E1 converter in the linesof power stations,mines, government agencies, the military, airports, police department,express highway, banks and taxation systems,etc. 

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