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Oxygen-konverter tuyereNTPF Etalon ltd produce tuyeres for metallurgy: 6-nozzled tangential tuyeres for oxygen-refining of steel in the converter, 7-nozzled tuyeres for oxygen-refining of steel in the converter. Tuyere tests demonstrated significant converters capacity increase. It allows to transfer 3 converters shopfloor to 2 converters mode with the same efficiency. Tuyeres give reduction of unevenness of wear on the converter lining.Blast furnace air tuyeresNTPF Etalon ltd. produce blast furnace air tuyeres by original technology and by customer's draft also. Tuyeres' construction is patented and has many advantages, such as reduced mechanical loads thanks to inside taper compensators; Ni3Al based heat-resisting composition to protect thermo-loaded surfaces; double gas supplying mode to stable shift around the tuyere and other.Tuyeresfor iron and steel ladle treatmentNTPF Etalon ltd. produce tuyeres for iron and steel ladle treatment to steel argon blowing to average chemical composition at a steel refining and ladle-furnace units; iron desulphurisation by passivated magnesium injection through nitrogen gas jet; deep desulphurisation by fluidized lime injection at a steel refining and ladle-furnace units.

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