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Heater Sequin Fixing Machine (DZ-3300)

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Heater Sequin Fixing Machine (DZ-3300)

City & ProvinceIncheon
CategoriesOther Textile Machinery


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DZ-3300 (Heater sequin fixing machine)
1. Features
1) Suitable for thin fabric with its heater device.
2) Adopted a basic mould set device with 1groove.
3) Adopted simple structure to provide users with easy operation.
4) Available mould designs are same as DZ-3300N.
2. Specifications
1) Power source: 220V or 110V, 1phase (50 / 60Hz)
2) Air pressure: 5~6kgf / cm2
3) Weight: 60kgs (after packing: 80kgs)
4) Dimensions: 600 x 680 x 1220mm (after packing: 700 x 800 x 1350mm)
5) Capacity of air compressor required: 2HP / set

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1603ho-204dong, Kumho Town Apt. , # 200, Cheongcheon-2dong, Pupyung-Gu,
Incheon Incheon
Design Tech, Co.South Korea
Mr. andy chun
Mr. andy chun (Owner/Entrepreneur)
Phone: 82-32-2694527

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