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Descriptions : Dan-A Su skin care set (Antiaging intensive skin care set) is a special herb medicinal cosmetic for prevention from aging and aged skin. Products:
NGM Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. [Trading Company]
Korea (South) Korea (South)
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Korea (South) Herbal antiaging skin care set

Descriptions : The Function of Lycium Seed Oil 1Treat disease: The lycium seed oil contains unsaturated fatty acid, linolenic acid and oleic oil which is as high as ... Products:
China Goji Seed Oil

Descriptions : FUNCTION?1?Can effectively wash, clean and remove plaque, stain and calculus 2) Continuous use for 30 days will effectively prevent gum bleeding, and ... Products:
China sonic Toothbrush

Descriptions : Procedure of the product processing: Select fresh aloe leaves and separate the mesophyll from the peel, be cautious not to touch the outer cell archit... Products:

Descriptions : Electric Nail File & Nail Drills (MM-25000) MM-25000 electric nail file is made for professional nail technicians. we are proud of our high quality pr... Products:
Riptide Inc. [Trading Company]
China China
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China Electric Nail File & Nail Drills (MM-25000)

Descriptions : ITEM NO: 22003 1)Dimension:H 35 of base 10 cm ,Dia of brush hair 8 cm 2)Packing :200 pcs/CTN 3)Meas. 59x31x62 cm 4)material:plastic 5) Good quali... Products:
Zhongding Plastic Co.,Ltd [Trading Company]
China China
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China Sell Closestool Brush with Holder

Descriptions : 1. Pagi body oil is formulized with 100% vegetable oil. 2. Mystically fragranced with ten different scents: Amber, musk, fresh, fruity, mystic, orient... Products:
Pagi Cosmetics Ltd [Trading Company]
Turkey Turkey
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Turkey Pagi Body Oil

Descriptions : We also supply these Raw Materials: 1.Sildenafil(Viagra) 2.Hongdenafil 3.Sildenafil Mesylate 4.XinYangJian 5.Tadalafil (Cialis) 6.Vardenafil 7.Fly pow... Products:
China Orlistat

Descriptions : DescriptionMoisturizingHyaluronic Acid Mask is highly condensed hyaluronic acid essence that softly strengthen moisturizing power in and out of skin w... Products:
Max Nature Co., Ltd. [Trading Company]
Korea (South) Korea (South)
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Korea (South) Astaxan Q Hyaluronic Acid Mask

Descriptions : A greatly enlarged (105 times) cross sectional view of the human skin showing three layers and a close-up view of a hair follicle, sweat gland, fatty ... Products:
China Enlarged Skin Model

Descriptions : SPA steam sauna house is suitable for hotel, leisure center, sauna bath center, beauty parlor and family. Main function: 1, Vapour heat energy; 2, the... Products:
China SPA Steam Sauna House

Descriptions : Item no. sl-3558 features: 1) single/Twin /triple blade razors are available 2)blade material:stainless steel.carbon steel 3) Can be packed with po... Products:
China Disposable Razor

Descriptions : 1. Specification: Model: CPT-P (PAL Format); CPT-N (NTSC Format) Pick Up Device: 1/4 Sony CCD Picture Elements: CCIR: 512H*582V; EIA: 512H*492V Horizo... Products:
Ninebirds Industrial Co.,Ltd [Trading Company]
China China
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China Mini Dental Camera

Descriptions : Type: F-8800B Name: 9 In 1 Beauty Instrument Size: packing:96.8*59.4*47.8cm Function: 1.Absorb Black ache 2.High-Frequency electrotherapy 3.Facial Bru... Products:
China 9 in 1 Beauty Instrument

Descriptions : 1)with micro chip temperature control 2)professional salon model 3) new breakthrough in hair styling technology! It naturally emits the most negative ... Products:
China E040C Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

Descriptions : Description: 1) Elegant and portable design 2) Cure some asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) through aerosalization. 3) Two air flow ... Products:
China Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Descriptions : 1. About Portable Contact lens Cleaner Hana Hilen portable contact lens cleaner is safety tool from hand washing defect matter such as tearing and scr... Products:
Hana Korea Industry [Trading Company]
Korea (South) Korea (South)
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Korea (South) Portable Contact lens

Descriptions : 1) PE material 2) Feel comfortable when bath, soap on the wet shower ball and scrub will be a rich bubble 3) Specification: 10 - 50g 4) Soft and comfo... Products:
China Bath Brush

Descriptions : Skin Repair Feauture & Benefits 1. Just 3 drops for one day 2. One can repalce day/night cream, lotion, moisture, essence, serum, massage cream, and m... Products:
Extrim [Trading Company]
Korea (South) Korea (South)
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Korea (South) Skin repair

Descriptions : 1) different fragrance 2) different colours 3) bottle material: two kinds 4) customers' Products:
More Trading LTD. [Trading Company]
China China
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China Cuvette Perfume

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